Get into the life of J-Bru.

Wat’s up y’all? Been a while!!

Just wanted to give you a quick update as to what I have been doing…
On October 1st I competed in King of The Dot – Capital Invasion, as the headline battle. I took on PoRich (a KOTD veteran)!
I won’t give the results here but the video will be posted online soon.
Big ups to Rich and the entire KOTD fam, I had a lot of fun and might be battling again soon!


Also, I competed in a contest for the Atlantic Film Festival recently!
The contest was called 10×10. It placed 10 artists with 10 directors and gave them 2 days to shoot and edit a video together! My video was directed by Julian Crick. Our video was dope but the winner, Mo Kennedy, definitely had a sick video (congrats on the win).
Check out the video here (it features a Canadian hip hop legend by the way lol).



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