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Bru-Print Music announces release date for new J-Bru album

NEWBRU2015 (1)

Bru-Print Music Set To Release ‘Sovereign‘ in 2015

J-Bru will celebrate his label’s 8th anniversary with the eight record release of his career: Sovereign, the first J-Bru album to be 100% released by Bru-Print Music, will drop on May 5th, 2015 – 14 years to the day that the Halifax hip hop veteran released his debut album Tell Me What U Like. With hits like ‘Help! I Been Robbed’, ‘It’s Rainin’ Feat. JRDN, ‘Movin on Up’ Feat. Dutch Robinson and many more, J-Bru is no stranger to releasing memorable tracks to the music world. Sovereign will be preceded by a new J-Bru single, ‘The Crown.’  The song features other local legends and was produced by Freek Van Workum out of the Netherlands. Van Workum is one of hip hop’s young stars that has worked with the likes T.I., B.O.B. and Young Thug.

The new single will be released on February 5th.  Fans will then get a sneak peak of the album after  ‘The Crown’ is released as there will be a snippet of the entire EP released online.

Bru-Print Music was founded in 2007 by J-Bru, the self-proclaimed “King of Halifax”.  The label has released six albums for Bru and other artists, but always with another label attached. With the 2010 release of The Jason LP, Bru-Print Music garnered some industry attention, winning five industry awards in an 18-month span. In 2013, Bru-Print continued its hot streak with J-Bru’s next release, the award-winning Stranger in my Hometown, which took home an ECMA and was nominated for an ANSMA and Nova Scotia Music Award. The label also released Not Just a Pretty Face that year – an album by female emcee LinA, which was nominated for Best Hip Hop Recording at the 2013 Nova Scotia Music Awards.

In total, J-Bru has been nominated 21 times for industry awards locally and nationally. With Sovereign, J-Bru is shining a light on himself and claiming to be the best rapper in our region. If you have been paying attention over the last year, the hip hop veteran has been challenging anyone to say he is not the best in a series of freestyles, videos and even at the Hopscotch cypher where he rhymed “don’t say you the best unless you replicate my catalogue….” This new album is nothing less than one of the greatest to come out of Halifax staking his claim to the throne, and any hip hop fan will enjoy the ride.

Most recently, Bru-Print Music has signed Cavy, a teenage emcee from Prince Edward Island that shocked the entire Hopscotch festival with his blazing fast flow. While Cavy has just released an album titled The Country Roads, Bru-Print Music already has planned two more 2015 album releases for the youngster in hopes that the label can take over the local hip hop scene.

For more info contact Bru-Print Music at or 902-402-5135



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