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Bru Print Welcomes Cavy

(Halifax, NS – 21 November 2014) – Cavy aka Ryan Cavanagh, one of the Maritime’s top young recording artists, swept this year’s Hopscotch festival by storm with his rapid-fire flow and stage presence beyond his years, has signed a recording agreement with Bru-Print Music.  The deal was announced today by Bru-Print Music (BPM) owner and local hip hop veteran J-Bru aka Jason Bruce.

This contract makes Cavy the first hip hop artist ever from the province of Prince Edward Island to sign a recording contract with an established record label. The agreement also lets J-Bru fulfill one of his major goals when he started Bru-Print Music in 2007, to take a back seat in his own award-winning career to produce and develop a young artist and make sure they have the tools to succeed that he never had during his 15-year career (and counting).

Cavy who self-released ‘The Country Roads’ this month, is currently writing songs and planning to enter the studio to record a new album to be released in the spring of 2015 titled My Paranoid Mind’.  A comprehensive marketing and promotional plan for the new album will be kicked into high gear in early 2015, and with multiple touring opportunities already on the horizon, the young emcee is sure to learn a thing-or-two from one of Canada’s most well-traveled hip hop artists (J-Bru).

According to Bru-Print Music owner Jason Bruce, “I am very proud to make this announcement! Over the past six-or-seven years I have met and mentoured dozens of talented youth, but never have I met a kid with as much talent at this age as Cavy. Combine that with his humble attitude and willingness to learn, and I think he has the tools to be a superstar someday. I watched Classified build his career from the ground up, and with my help I truly believe Cavy can have himself a similar career to look back on someday.”

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