Get into the life of J-Bru.



1    I Will Be Seen            
2    Makin' People Say            
3    Put My Work In            
4    I Love You Ma            
5    What R We Doin?            
6    Ghetto Life            
7    Tru Luv, Pt. 2 (Your Body)            
8    I Got a Secret            
9    Things Ain't The Same            
10    Help! I Been Robbed            
11    Underground MC, Pt. 2            
12    Lost Soul            
13    It's rainin'            
14    It Doesn't Matter            
15    Uh Huh Huh


The Jason LP track listing

1. The Jason LP Intro

2. Heads Up Feat. Skyline

3. Jealousy Feat. Classified and Rochester aka Juice

4. You Ain‟t Black Enough Interlude

5. You Ain‟t Black Enough6. Christina Feat. Chad Hatcher

7. Standing There Feat. Ambition

8. How We Do

9. Hard to Forget Feat. Kayo

10. I Go To Sleep

11. Heatmiser

12. Movin on Up Feat. Dutch Robinson

13. Mind Sex 2.0

14. I Seen the Reaper Walk By

15. The Fax 2010 Feat. Quake and Ghettochild

16. I‟ve Been Waiting

17. Laugh Out Loudly Feat. Jay Bizzy


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