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J-Bru’s the King of Halifax

Check out the article the Coast did on J-Bru this week (read below):

J-Bru’s the King of Halifax

With a new album on the horizon, J-Bru will be honoured at the African Nova Scotian Music Awards.

J-Bru is “letting loose a bit and having fun, where I’m usually so serious.”

  • J-Bru is “letting loose a bit and having fun, where I’m usually so serious.”

Saturday’s African Nova Scotian Music Awards ceremony celebrates some of the brightest and best talents in the city, and veteran Halifax hip-hop artist J-Bru is no exception. J-Bru (AKA Jason Bruce) is up for his second artist of the year award and will receive the ANSMA Development award for community service and working with youth.

Kicking off spring with a new album, Sovereign (May 5), J-Bru turns up the attitude. “I’m a little more cocky than usual. It’s a Watch the Throne-type album that’s basically me staking my claim as the King of Halifax hip-hop,” he says. “And there’s no way to be subtle there.”

Sovereign—his eighth album marking 14 years of rapping—is on the whole a bit lighter. “On this album I’m letting loose a bit and having fun, where I’m usually so serious. It’s taken me that long to have the courage to make something outside the box and I think my core fans will appreciate that.”

J-Bru runs his own label, Bru-Print Music, recently signing PEI-based rapper Cavy. His love of the local scene is like that of a strict teacher who just wants to see students live up to their potential. “Skill-wise I don’t think any other region in Canada touches the rappers we have here, but a lot of these young emcees expect doors to open without putting in work,” he says. “Making a mixtape and shooting a video in your backyard doesn’t give you the right to hate on others in the city trying to do the same thing. On the positive side though, I don’t think there has been a better time for Halifax hip-hop and I’m excited to see where it will go when I’m long gone.”


Bru-Print Music announces release date for new J-Bru album

NEWBRU2015 (1)

Bru-Print Music Set To Release ‘Sovereign‘ in 2015

J-Bru will celebrate his label’s 8th anniversary with the eight record release of his career: Sovereign, the first J-Bru album to be 100% released by Bru-Print Music, will drop on May 5th, 2015 – 14 years to the day that the Halifax hip hop veteran released his debut album Tell Me What U Like. With hits like ‘Help! I Been Robbed’, ‘It’s Rainin’ Feat. JRDN, ‘Movin on Up’ Feat. Dutch Robinson and many more, J-Bru is no stranger to releasing memorable tracks to the music world. Sovereign will be preceded by a new J-Bru single, ‘The Crown.’  The song features other local legends and was produced by Freek Van Workum out of the Netherlands. Van Workum is one of hip hop’s young stars that has worked with the likes T.I., B.O.B. and Young Thug.

The new single will be released on February 5th.  Fans will then get a sneak peak of the album after  ‘The Crown’ is released as there will be a snippet of the entire EP released online.

Bru-Print Music was founded in 2007 by J-Bru, the self-proclaimed “King of Halifax”.  The label has released six albums for Bru and other artists, but always with another label attached. With the 2010 release of The Jason LP, Bru-Print Music garnered some industry attention, winning five industry awards in an 18-month span. In 2013, Bru-Print continued its hot streak with J-Bru’s next release, the award-winning Stranger in my Hometown, which took home an ECMA and was nominated for an ANSMA and Nova Scotia Music Award. The label also released Not Just a Pretty Face that year – an album by female emcee LinA, which was nominated for Best Hip Hop Recording at the 2013 Nova Scotia Music Awards.

In total, J-Bru has been nominated 21 times for industry awards locally and nationally. With Sovereign, J-Bru is shining a light on himself and claiming to be the best rapper in our region. If you have been paying attention over the last year, the hip hop veteran has been challenging anyone to say he is not the best in a series of freestyles, videos and even at the Hopscotch cypher where he rhymed “don’t say you the best unless you replicate my catalogue….” This new album is nothing less than one of the greatest to come out of Halifax staking his claim to the throne, and any hip hop fan will enjoy the ride.

Most recently, Bru-Print Music has signed Cavy, a teenage emcee from Prince Edward Island that shocked the entire Hopscotch festival with his blazing fast flow. While Cavy has just released an album titled The Country Roads, Bru-Print Music already has planned two more 2015 album releases for the youngster in hopes that the label can take over the local hip hop scene.

For more info contact Bru-Print Music at or 902-402-5135



“12 Years and Counting”





BRU–PRINT MUSIC has put together 12 years of brilliance, 19 tracks of J-Bru’s greatest contributions to HIP-HOP.

Even though J-Bru is still consider an underground emcee that still in unknown amongst the World, he has sold over 10,000 albums to date. His audience reaches as far as the UK and Australia, but has tamed the circuit of Canada, with his own opportunities and those provided by long time friend Classified.

This greatest hits is a gift to the fans J-Bru has earned along his journey, and for the new fans he is still striving to capture.

This is just a lead project to the artist’s up and coming LP “Stranger in My Hometown”, a titled album that resembles J-Bru’s relationship to the industry and HIP-HOP archivist around the world. Be sure to anticipate perfection to perfection, as “Stranger in My Hometown” is a chokehold on the industry.


Heads Up    Feat Skyline (The Jason LP) 2010

2. Its Rainin    Feat JRDN (Identity Crisis) 2007

3. 2 for $20    Feat Classified, Spesh K and Ebony (Tell Me What U Like) 20001

4. The Fax (The Fax EP) 2002

5. Christina   Feat Chad Hatcher (The Jason LP) 2010

6. Help! I Been Robbed Feat Ghettosocks and Jay Bizzy (Identity Crisis) 2007

7. How We Do (The Jason LP) 2010

8. Tell Me What U Like (Tell Me What U Like) 2001

9. This is the Song (Underground MC) 2003

10. I Got a Secret (Identity Crisis) 2007

11. What R We Doin?   Feat Eternia (Identity Crisis) 2007

12. 1 of These Days    Feat Ebony (Tell Me What U Like) 2001

13. Be A Man  Feat Classified (Underground MC) 2003

14. Movin on Up   Feat Dutch Robinson (The Jason LP) 2010

15. Step Back   Feat Classified, Emcee Squared and Jaya Jaya (The Fax EP) 2002

16. Underground MC (Underground MC) 2003

17. Jealousy   Feat Classified and Rochester (The Jason LP) 2010

18. Makin People Say (Identity Crisis) 2007

Bonus Tracks

19. Killin Em   Feat LinA (Mixtape Track) 2011

About J-Bru:

Sporting a sly smile and an arsenal of memorable verses, J-Bru is one of the most charismatic figures in Canadian Hip Hop today. This engaging MC has starred on many hit singles and albums, not to mention he currently has five singles lighting up televisions across the country via Much and MuchVibe.

J-Bru grew up as Jason Bruce, an athletic youth whose father was a professional boxer as well as musician with ‘The Valiants’, a soul group formed in Shelburne, NS. A high school and college basketball star, Bruce used athletics to keep his mind off childhood struggles. During his high school years he secretly wrote poetry, and it was then where he started realizing his talent for wordplay.

After his stellar college basketball career was over, Bruce started recording music with Classified. His first release Tell Me What U Like (2000) sold 400 copies hand to hand and his next release The Fax (2001) sold 700. With growing popularity throughout the east coast of Canada, Bru came back with the critically acclaimed album in 2003 called Underground MC. With national distribution and a very busy schedule, Bru managed to sell over 1000 copies. His next release Identity Crisis was released on March 27th, 2007 and was distributed through Urbnet/Universal. With strong video rotation, Identity Crisis is still selling strong, hanging around the 2000 mark. His last album , The Jason LP, released in 2010 is close to 4000 in sales and still climbing.

With a knack for making crowds go crazy, J-Bru is using his 12 years of stage experience to combine with his studio knowledge, and is steadily becoming a household name.

After receiving three Nova Scotia Music Award nominations and two African Nova Scotian Music Award nominations in the last year, Bru is using his momentum to stay busy touring. After completing two cross-country tours already this year, Bru will head to Europe in late 2012.

Next up for Bru, Stranger in my Hometown, which is scheduled for a September 2012 release on Bru-Print/Half-Life/EMI. The LP promises to be like nothing you have heard from the veteran MC. No glitter, no gold, no holding back!

Bru has had the pleasure of opening for talents such as Ludacris, Busta Rhymes, Snoop Dogg, RZA, GZA, Cappadonna, The Game, Good Charlotte, Kardinal Offishall, Swollen Members, The Rascalz, Choclair, Jeleestone, Alexisonfire, Snow, Jully Black, DL Incognito, Maestro and Classified.

The Jason LP in stores now

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The IV league / J BRU

Live Vision / J BRU

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Reverbnation / BRU-PRINT MUSIC

Wat’s up y’all? Been a while!!

Just wanted to give you a quick update as to what I have been doing…
On October 1st I competed in King of The Dot – Capital Invasion, as the headline battle. I took on PoRich (a KOTD veteran)!
I won’t give the results here but the video will be posted online soon.
Big ups to Rich and the entire KOTD fam, I had a lot of fun and might be battling again soon!


Also, I competed in a contest for the Atlantic Film Festival recently!
The contest was called 10×10. It placed 10 artists with 10 directors and gave them 2 days to shoot and edit a video together! My video was directed by Julian Crick. Our video was dope but the winner, Mo Kennedy, definitely had a sick video (congrats on the win).
Check out the video here (it features a Canadian hip hop legend by the way lol).


Jealously – feat Classified



Vote for J-Bru to win $5000 from the Atlantic Film Festival !! A
ll you do is click the video for “Jealousy” (right hand side, in ‘Uploads’) and click the “like” button on youtube (that’s how they tally votes).

Thanks for your continued support!!!!


Bru is nominated for ‘Best Video’, ‘Best Male Recording’ and ‘Best Hip Hop Recording’. Thats 3!!! Nominations!  The awards will be given out November 6th. Big shout outs to Bru and the rest of the nominees! Bru will preforming at Haley’s lounge on the 5th at 11:00pm! Stay tuned for more information!

View the nominees HERE!




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