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Bru Print Welcomes Cavy

(Halifax, NS – 21 November 2014) – Cavy aka Ryan Cavanagh, one of the Maritime’s top young recording artists, swept this year’s Hopscotch festival by storm with his rapid-fire flow and stage presence beyond his years, has signed a recording agreement with Bru-Print Music.  The deal was announced today by Bru-Print Music (BPM) owner and local hip hop veteran J-Bru aka Jason Bruce.

This contract makes Cavy the first hip hop artist ever from the province of Prince Edward Island to sign a recording contract with an established record label. The agreement also lets J-Bru fulfill one of his major goals when he started Bru-Print Music in 2007, to take a back seat in his own award-winning career to produce and develop a young artist and make sure they have the tools to succeed that he never had during his 15-year career (and counting).

Cavy who self-released ‘The Country Roads’ this month, is currently writing songs and planning to enter the studio to record a new album to be released in the spring of 2015 titled My Paranoid Mind’.  A comprehensive marketing and promotional plan for the new album will be kicked into high gear in early 2015, and with multiple touring opportunities already on the horizon, the young emcee is sure to learn a thing-or-two from one of Canada’s most well-traveled hip hop artists (J-Bru).

According to Bru-Print Music owner Jason Bruce, “I am very proud to make this announcement! Over the past six-or-seven years I have met and mentoured dozens of talented youth, but never have I met a kid with as much talent at this age as Cavy. Combine that with his humble attitude and willingness to learn, and I think he has the tools to be a superstar someday. I watched Classified build his career from the ground up, and with my help I truly believe Cavy can have himself a similar career to look back on someday.”

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Tour wrap up!

Whatup y’all?

J-Bru here. Finally home from tour and tired as hell but I just wanted to thank all my fans for the continued and overwhelming support! Even though the focus was on Class mostly, and even Kidz in the Hall, a lot of you came up to me during this tour and said that you came to see me! I can’t even begin to explain the bond I feel with my fans. Especially on this tour, you all stpeed your game up, and as a result, so did I!

There were lots of good shows and even a few mediocre ones, but I always gave it 100% and I hope that when I come back to your city that you will come out and bring a few friends?

Below is a list of my Top 5 shows from the That Ain’t Classy Tour:

5. Montreal – Club Soda – April 2nd:
This show was interesting. I had a migraine and had to leave stage during Class’ set, but the reason I was even close to be able to stay on stage as long as I did, was the crowd response to my set. Any time you open for a big headliner like Class you have a few heads in the crowd that seem like they don’t give a fuck if you’re there or not.
But, not Montreal! You guys kept me hype for my entire set and even though I had to run off stage to throw up twice during Class’ set, I was able to stay on stage for mine and rock for y’all thanks to the support and callback reactions I was getting!

4. Winnipeg – Garrick Centre – April 8th
Another unique show. Now while I like to have a beer or four before I go on stage, in Winnipeg I was late getting there and literally walked into the venue as they were introducing me. Usually doing sober shows can be fun but I find that “taking the edge off” helps me with staying my usual hype self.
It didn’t take long for me to feel the love from Winnipeg (usually a mediocre stop on tour). After my second song some guy yelled out, “J-Bru you ain’t black enough”! Now while this would usually offend an MC, I took it and ran with it as that is a name of one of my songs from my new CD, The Jason LP.
This showed me that Winnipeg wanted me there and I gave them my all, beer or no beer!

3. Vancouver – The Venue – April 21
Not much to say here. Vancity is Vancity! Always a Top 3 stop on the tour! From the atmosphere, to the fans, to the merch sales, to just about everything, Vancouver continues to be one of my favorite cities to play.
The reason it drops to No. 3 is that I did have quite a dead area of the crowd that I just couldn’t seem to ignite. It’s all good though, I still rocked it for the BC peeps that were excited to see me and those were the people I focused on. I even had three of four people come up to me after my set asking “Why didn’t you do this song” or “Why didn’t you do that song”.
I love you Vancouver! Always have, always will!

2. Calgary – Whiskey – April 14
Usually Calgary is my No. 1 every tour but it got bumped this time around. It is for no reason that they could help at all. The crowd was crazy hype, I left all I had on that stage and the club was great! Everything you expect from this great city!
It is always good to see so many Scotians in one place that’s nowhere near home and I even got so hype at one point I jumped up on a balcony and spit a verse overlooking the whole club.

1. St Catherines – Baracudas – April 4
So there’s not much to say here, except that St Catherines set it the fuck off at this show. This was easily the loudest crowd I have ever performed for (and that includes Summer Rush and the Black Eyed Peas shows, both of which had over 10,000 people). From my first verse to my last call back, this crowd was BANANAS, and I can’t wait to go back there.
I’ll admit, at sound check I thought the show would suck. We had to walk through the crowd to get to stage, the back room was a dungeon downstairs and the stage was tiny! Now usually these venues make for shitty shows but not this time.
As one guy said, “we’ve seen you guys rol through Ontario for like 10 years and you never come here! You’ve got a lot of fans here in St Catherines.”
He was right. I sold a tonne of merch, rocked the best crowd I have ever seen and while I’m not sure when I’ll be back there, I do know that I WILL BE BACK!

Thanks again to everyone, this was my funnest tour ever in my 11 years of being on the road! Now here are my honorable mentions that deserved to be in the Top 10:

Ottawa – Capital Hall – April 1
Toronto – Sound Academy – March 26
Saskatoon – The Patricia Hotel – April 9
Edmonton – The Starlite Room – April 16